Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Sunday Cats?

Check out our list of retailers here, and you can also find us at events

nationwide. We’ll let you know where the next stop is if you sign up here.

We might even invite you to come with us!

Do you sell online?

Yes! Click here to order Sunday Cats and have them delivered directly to you.

How can a retailer buy Sunday Cats?

Contact and we will get the ball rolling!

Do Sunday Cats need to stay frozen?

Nope, they are shelf-stable for your convenience! Just pop them in the freezer before enjoying.

How long do Sunday Cats last?

Look for the expiration date marked on each freezie. If you keep them

frozen, we’d say they’re good to go for an extra 3 months past the

expiration date.

How many freezies can I eat in a day?

We like to let common sense prevail. You guys are savvy.

What’s in a Sunday Cats freezie?

Deliciousness. The full list of Sunday Cats ingredients is here.

Yup, all things you can pronounce.

Are you Certified Organic?

We are! Our product is USDA Certified Organic, and we proudly display

the sticker on our packaging to show it.

Does your product contain GMO’s?

We do not use any GMO ingredients in our product. We are USDA

Certified Organic, and the governments of the United States and Canada

do not allow companies to have certified organic designations for products

containing genetically modified foods.

Is your freezie packaging BPA free?

Yes, our freezie film is BPA free! And as you may have noticed, an emergency

tear top for those moments you don’t have scissors!

What do you mean by natural?

Our product is 100% natural, and is not made with any artificial ingredients

or preservatives.

Do you add sugar to your freezie?

We do not add sugar to our freezies. The full list of Sunday

Cats ingredients are found here.

What are whole food electrolytes?

Whole food electrolytes come directly from whole food sources, not from a

synthetic or isolated ingredient. We use organic coconut water and sea

salt in our freezies to give you a natural boost of balancing hydration.

Do your freezies contain gluten, nuts or soy?

Our freezies are not made with any ingredients that contain gluten, tree

nuts, peanuts or soybeans. Our product is manufactured in a facility that

also processes milk, egg, wheat, peanuts and soy; however, stringent

procedures are in place to ensure our product remains free of any of the

above allergens.

Are Sunday Cats vegan?

Yes! Sunday Cats freezies are vegan. Our product is manufactured in a

facility that also processes milk, egg, wheat, peanuts and soy; however,

stringent procedures are in place to ensure our product remains free of

any of those products.

What are Guar and Locust Bean Gums?

Both ingredients come from plants, and we use certified organic sources.

Guar Gum is made from the guar bean, and is high in soluble fiber. Locust

bean gum is derived from the seeds of the carob tree (the same tree that

is used as a caffeine-free chocolate alternative). A touch of both

ingredients prevents our freezies from turning into rock-hard icicles.

What is Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable glycerin is a natural food preservative that comes from plant

oils, usually palm, coconut or soy. We use organic, soy-free glycerin in our

freezies to maintain their deliciousness without any yucky chemicals.

Do you hate dogs?

We have nothing but love for dogs. Birds on the other hand… Kidding!

Will you add more flavors?

Does a cat have 9 lives? No really, we’re asking for a friend. And yes, we

will have new flavors coming soon! If you’d like to know the moment it

happens, sign up here.

Where can I send Sunday Cats fan mail?

No matter your query, whether it’s where to find us, an opportunity for

improvement, or a love letter praising our quirky branding, you can reach

us at